Games people love and play

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Games people love and play

Some games come and become a hit for a month or two while other games come and stay for a long time. The best way to determine what is played the most is to either check Steam or to check Youtube. Most popular games are constantly streamed on Twitch and they have lot followers (people who watch streams). Those games also have numerous videos on Youtube and we will go over top hits for last month. Games that I will list have a lot of videos on Youtube and those videos have a lot of views.
First on the list is Dark Souls 3, which is not a surprise. The third installation in this hardcore series, Dark Souls 3 became a hit as soon as it came on the shelves. This franchise is known for its unforgiving gameplay where players die on a regular basis. Hard difficulty and pretty dark and horror setting made this franchise an instant hit around the world. Even though some consider Dark Souls as a horror game the franchise isn’t made as normal horror games.mqdefault The focus is placed on the battle which is unforgiving and in which one mistake leads to the death of the character and a loss of souls (currency). Dark Souls 3 is built on its two successful predecessors and it expanded the world and the story of the over franchise. If you don’t know anything about this game, then you are truly an off-line human, a rarity of sorts.

Next place is reserved for a roguelike game called Enter the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon is an interesting take on the roguelike genre and it became a hit in its beta stage. To be exact this roguelike (if you don’t know a roguelike genre means that the death of the character is final, it resets the game to the beginning) is a mix of roguelike and bullet hell (bullet hell is originally a Japanese genre of games where you have to dodge large amount of bullets).
As any other dungeon crawler game this game also involves descend down the multiple floors of the dungeon, and at the end of each of them, there is a boss (strong AI you have to defeat in order to get to the next level). The point of the game is to pick a character and reach the last floor where you find the story of your character. The game is very interesting due to the variety of guns you use as well as a variety of enemies and bosses you face.
xcom2releasesthefucktomorrow__default-news-imageThird and final game on this list is Doom. You probably remember that awesome old game called Doom where you fight against waves and waves of enemies in the first person shooter style. Well, the Doom I am talking about is a game that is everything old Doom represented but with new graphics and a new engine. People that like fast paced first person shooters where you fill your enemies with thousands of bullets will simply adore this new Doom.

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